Yesterday I reported from the scene of the Mattapoisett Boat Yard Fire. Mrs. Horne and I just left the scene, and I have a photo gallery of the devastation at the end of this post.

A boatyard is like a farm; lots of fixed capital and very little cash. Believe it or not, Seth is working this morning running the launch out of Barstow’s wharf. No doubt, they’ll do everything possible to serve the community as fast as they can, but to that end, they may need some help in the form of donations.

Gofundme Established

I have set up a gofundme (click here to donate) to assist the boatyard and victims. I solemnly swear to work with the Kaiser family to see any proceeds go to the most needy causes.

The first priority with be to the injured worker, then anything we can do to help restore the boatyard.

I just learned that Jenn Kaiser has also established a gofundme for Phil Macomber – the injured worker. Please support either or both.

National News

This morning I was interviewed by the Fire Chief. He told me it was actually a 6 Alarm Fire. Ned’s Point Road can only deliver 750 gallons a minute, so they set up temporary “swimming pools” on Holly Lane and refilled them with tank trucks from the hydrant out on Route 6.

I’ve heard from people across the country that this is national news. Below are links to two reporters I spoke to and the original video from the start of the fire.

Many people have asked about our boat, Relentless. We inspected her this morning, and miraculously, she was completely untouched.

Here’s the photo from the CNN website, and you can see Relentless behind the rubble.

Please continue to pray for the Kaiser and McLean families, the victims, and the devastated community.

The Photo Gallery