It’s unusual for a new restaurant owner to retain the previous name, but that’s what serial restauranteur Steve Silverstein did after acquiring the iconic Padanaram seaside eatery.

I loved the old Sail Loft but knew that Steve’s version would certainly take the food up a notch.

Steve Silverstein

I first encountered Steve’s Midas Touch for restaurants two decades ago when I stumbled upon an unusually hip restaurant on Route 6 in Dartmouth – Not Your Average Joe’s.

It was an excellent restaurant for the times, but as it became more of a regional chain, the culinary experience got stuck in time. Eventually, Steve moved away from operating NYAJ’s, retained the original Dartmouth restaurant, and acquired the Black Whale in 2019. In 2021, he added the Kitchen at Cisco+Kitchen

Dock and Dine in Padanaram

For years we enjoyed visiting Padanaram, staying at South Wharf, and dining at the Sail Loft. Sadly, the owners moved in late 2020, and after 50 years as the Sail Loft, the site stood empty until Steve reopened her on May 12, 2022.

We had heard rumors that the Sail Loft would reopen but didn’t know that Steve was the new owner until just before it opened. As soon as I heard, I called South Wharf to confirm that they’d be doing lunch tie-ups for folks going to the Sail Loft, and they are!

Dock and Dine at South Wharf

Be advised that South Wharf has limited space, so call ahead (508 990-1011) to ensure they can accommodate you. They’ll probably ask you to limit your visit to about two hours, which is just long enough to enjoy lunch at Sail Loft and visit the eclectic shops in the beautiful seaside village.

The New Sail Loft

The old space has been expanded outside, and the interior is brighter with new decor and furniture.

You can make reservations on RESY for lunch and dinner, but thus far, the expanded space seems to be adequate for walk-ins.

The Food

The menu suits the venue – something for everyone, but lots of Apps and Snacks for people who want just want to share Tapas Style.

Mrs. Horne and Terry wanted non-alcoholic cocktails (mocktails), and they were delighted to see that the Sail Loft offers three.

The Pina Con Nada at The Sail Loft
The Cranberry Cosmo at The Sail Loft

I love discovering a new Hazy IPA and the Sail Loft offers a draft called The Sloop Juice Bomb. Tom and I both ordered one.

“Juice bomb is a hazy, golden, unfiltered IPA.The low bitterness and late hopping showcases the citrusy, juicy notes that many American hops contain. A blast of tropical aroma is followed by a resiny and balanced flavor. Juice bomb features all the aspects and nuances of full hop flavor, not just bitterness ‘ providing an upfront but easy drinking beer.”

The Beer Board

Tom ordered oysters and wings for starters.

The oysters were a great local variety, and they were served with a tangy mignonette.

I was planning on ordering the wings as my entree, and at first, I didn’t try any. After a few minutes, there were two left, and I decided to scratch the wings-for-lunch plan and finish them off.

I loved the delicate way each wing was individually dressed.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but there is an emerging trend to prepare and serve wings in a more artful presentation. That’s how the Sail Loft does it.

The heat comes from something called Valentina Hot Sauce. It’s made in Guadalajara, Mexico, similar to Tabasco, but less vinegary and with more chilies (900 Scoville Heat Units).

Terry and Mrs. Horne shared the Nachos – more food presented as art!

Tom ordered the Americas Cup Burger.

Kristina went with the Caprese Chicken Sandwich.

After ruling out more wings, I decided to have the Bistro Mussels with shoestring potatoes.

They were excellent and unique in that the butter broth was infused with Miso.

I’m delighted that Padanaram is back in the Dock and Dine game, and thanks to Steve’s new Sail Loft, it’s better than ever.