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After three crazy weeks, the Mattapoisett Boat Yard is back in business (albeit on a limited basis), and our fundraising efforts are gaining stream.

MBY August 20, 2022 (photo courtesy of CNN)

Mattapoisett Boat Yard Update

Thanks to the hard work of the Kaiser Family, MBY employees, Murphy Towing, Langlois Landscaping, Mike Muldoon Electric, Josh Pell Plumbing, and Middleboro Recycling, the wreckage and debris was cleared from the site of the fire in record time.

MBY – September 4, 2022

Power and Water have been restored to the docks, and the boatyard is pumping gas and diesel for local boaters.

Thanks to Tim Moll’s tool drive, the crew has returned to work, albeit in a limited mobile capacity.

Most importantly, Phil Macomber has been released from the hospital, and thanks to your generosity and that of others, he has $150,000 to help with his recovery.

The MBY GoFundme

The GoFundMe account we set up on August 20 stands at over $80,000.

The generosity of the community has been overwhelming. We plan to keep this fund open for contribution until the end of October.

You can donate by clicking here.

By the way, the MBY STRONG fundraiser is a one-time effort, and it will conclude after the October 20 event.

The Online Silent Auction

The auction is live and at:


You can place a bid immediately or place a “proxy” bid. Proxy bids enable you to enter the maximum amount you’d like to pay, but your actual bid will only go up by the incremental bid amount as needed to beat other bidders.

For example, friends have donated a “priceless” item; four incredible tickets to the New England Patriots game on Christmas Eve along with access to the Optum Club,

Anyone can go to the auction website and enter an exact bid for $1,500, or they can select “Proxy Bid” to set their maximum bid as $3,000. The website will show the bid as $1,500, but if someone else bids $1,600, their new bid will immediately be placed for $1,700. This will continue with every competing bid until their $3,000 maximum has been reached.

After much discussion, “the organizers” have decided that online bidding and proxy bids will freeze at 2:00 on October 20. This means those who only bid online could get outbid by someone at the in-person event.

So, if you see something on the auction you really want, email Mrs. Horne and buy a ticket (or two). Or, just make a huge bid before 2:00 on October 20 and dare the live bidders to beat you!

Donating Goods and Services to The Silent Auction

As of this tonight, we have 18 wonderful items on the Auction Website; if you’d like to contribute an item, email me (davidjameshorne@gmail.com) the following information:

  • The name of the item or service.
  • Description of item – including any restrictions.
  • Fair Market Value (if known).
  • Up to four photos.
  • The name and website of the donor.

Donated goods or services will go live on the auction website within 24 hours of receipt.

We are also designating a lot of gift certificates for baskets that will be awarded in multiple raffles at the October 20 event.

The October 20 Event at the Bay Club

The event will begin at 5:00 PM. Thanks to Chase Canopy for donating tents, heaters, and tables. This will enable us to expand to 150 attendees.

To maximize attendees, the menu will consist of passed hors d’oeuvres and stations, but it promises to be very much Haute Cuisine.

Live Rebecca Correia Concert

In addition, recording artist Rebecca Correia will be performing live.

Here’s one of my favorite songs she did with Keb Mo featuring Ned’s Point and Buzzards Bay.

Solid Ground by Rebecca Correia

The online Silent Auction will transition to an in-person silent auction at 2:00 on October 20, 2022. Traditional bidding sheets will be printed, and event attendees can continue to bid on donated goods and services.

If you’d like to attend the event, you can purchase admission for $150 by emailing Susan Horne (hornesusan@aol.com). Be advised that tickets are selling fast, and attendance is limited.

Shoutout to WPRI Providence

Finally, I want to thank Kayla Fish and the WPRI crew for driving here from Providence Tuesday night to do a story promoting the fundraiser. This sort of publicity really makes a big difference.

Join Our Mailing List

We have created an email account (mby.strong@gmail.com) to keep supporters updated on the auction and in-person event. If you’d like your name added to that list, just write to mby.strong@gmail.com.

If you’re already on the mailing list, you received an update email earlier today. It has much of the same information in this post but in a more condensed form.