We slept like a couple of rocks following The First Annual Cuttyhunk Progressive. Before we planned Cuttyhunk, we were hoping to visit Plymouth for a long weekend. Unfortunately, the marina was sold out months ago, so we ended up coming for Sunday night.

We have a few friends from California living near Plymouth, and other couples we golf with visiting the east coast for the first time, so we were all getting together Sunday night.

Sunday Morning Drone Over Cuttyhunk

Just before we left Cuttyhunk, I shot a video of the harbor.

By the way, I have links to all of my Drone Videos on a page on this site (click HERE.)

Plymouth Bound

It’s about 60 miles from Cuttyhunk to Plymouth, but with the restricted speed in the canal, it would feel more like 75. We planned on visiting the Surfside Smokehouse for lunch, so we shoved off around 9:30.

Buzzards Bay was flat as we headed north.

This was the first time we ran from Cuttyhunk to the canal, and the plotted course took us straight up the middle of the bay.

We were able to make way at 32 mph and reached Plymouth around 11:45.

Dave Hogan and his Sabre 48 Elysian are visiting Maine. Ironically, Safe Harbor gave us his slip.

Surfside Smokehouse

I know I’m spending too much time in this restaurant, but the food is excellent, it offers an incredible atmosphere, and it’s a brief walk from the boat.

Oysters at Surfside Smokehouse
Fried Scallops at Surfside Smokehouse
Dry Wings at Surfside Smokehouse

The thing I love about Surfside is the homemade sauces.

I made up my own combo as a dipping sauce for my dry wings.

Hot, Sweet, and Gold Sauces at Surfside Smokehouse

After lunch, we headed back to the boat to clean up for our West Coast Reunion Cocktail Party.

The West Coast Reunion

Over the past few years, Plymouth has become one of our favorite destinations. Safe Harbor operates a first-class marina, there are great restaurants with live music, and it’s close to our dear west coast friends Jeanne and John.

Mrs. Horne, Jeanne, and John earlier this year

Jeanne and John often host other west coast guests, which has led to the annual reunion.

The Captain, Mrs. Horne, Jeanne, Jean, John and Russ in 2020

In addition to the six above, we were also joined by Jim, Karen, Steve, and Anne.

We kicked things off with a little cocktail party on Relentless.

Karen, Jean, Jeanne, Anne, and Mrs. Horne

Dinner at Martini’s

Martini’s offers the perfect private dining room for ten people.

It opens to the sidewalk and provides an ideal venue for a late summer evening meal.

Steve and Mrs. Horne

Martini’s also offers excellent fare, including their signature Baked Haddock.

Mrs. Horne had the Bake Stuffed Scallops.

Steve went for the Parmesan Chicken.

Unfortunately, our bread showed up 5 minutes after our meals and an hour after we sat down. Oh well..

After dinner I returned to Relentless to find a family of ducks enjoying the underwater lights.

The next morning gave us a very smooth ride home…

Next Stop: Edgartown